Contextualising Gumpf

I suppose I should start this with some kind of explanation as to who we are and what the blog’s about. Ultimately, that’ll probably mean this post is both tedious and uninspiring, but bare with me…as they say, context is everything.

Once we’ve got this post out of the way we can move on to the fascinating, insightful and funny ones…and if they also fail to build us an audience I’ll resort to posting youtube videos of cats sneezing. Artistic integrity is all well and good, but it’s nothing next to the exhilarating high of faceless strangers showing a vague interest in your thoughts and opinions. What better way to receive validation for your own existence than through people looking at your blog? So frankly if, to achieve that, I have to jettison my weighty musings in favour of feline sneeze vids then so be it.


You may well be thinking that I shouldn’t even joke about such things. If a person doesn’t have their artistic integrity, then what do they have? Well before you go judging me consider that some of the world’s most enduring artists may very well have only found their voices after abandoning their integrity.

What if David Bowie’s real passion was needlework, but he reluctantly set that aside back in the 70s after seeing a gap in the market for a lady-haired, androgynous, eyebrow-less alien. He’d likely be haunted by a profound guilt for having ‘sold out’ the needlework crowd, but would comfort himself during his darkest hours by laying naked on the bonnet of his cherished Volvo 700 whilst cross stitching photo-realistic images of his favourite celebrities. I’m not saying he does do that (mostly because I’m scared I might be sued to death), but I am saying that he might…and if you read the subtext of his creative output over the last 40 years literally all indicators point to the him doing so.

bowie v1

It’s (probably) not just Bowie of course, I’m (probably) right in saying Madonna was once a moody folk singer, a figurehead amongst New York’s Greenwich village crowd. During this period she’d yet to adopt the stage name of ‘Madonna’ and was instead known by her christened name – Ethel McFarland. She sang politically charged songs such as “Man + Woman = Oppression”, “Guns go bang, bang (and then I die, die)” and “Sticking it to the man”.  That is (probably) until someone suggested that wearing a wedding dress and flapping her lady-parts around might gain her a bit more of a following. This (probably) lead to a prolonged period of soul searching and inner turmoil, which lasted for 72 minutes and resulted in a radical and immediate image change.

slut madonnafolk madonna

Ok, so this is all very good, and somewhat libellous, but who are we and why are we wasting your time? Well we’re two suave gents from the Southern end of England who have recently decided to create a comic and attempt to get it published. Appreciating that this might take a while I, the writing half of the partnership, have decided to start documenting its progress in a weekly blog. My hope is that regularly jotting down my thoughts might be beneficial on a few counts; with any luck it’ll prove a nice distraction from writing endless drafts of dialogue, it might help stir the creative juices and may even be useful to anyone else attempting to conquer the comic industry. It’s at this juncture that I should probably point out that the ropey doodles that accompany this post are my own doing. Matt (the artist extraordinaire) is busily attempting to meet some deadlines for an exhibition he’s putting together and so, for the time being at least, you’re stuck with a man whose ability to draw could, at best, be described as endearingly inadequate.

So I suggest you bookmark the heck out of this blog if you’re interested in seeing the book’s progress or, alternatively, you can just read the blog and have a good old chuckle at what promises to be never less than mildly entertaining…plus, play your cards right and in a few weeks you might get some videos depicting air being expelled from the lungs of cats.


4 thoughts on “Contextualising Gumpf

  1. When I first started drawing comics (at the age of 58) someone told me I needed to find a style and stick with it. I wondered why. I still wonder why. Although I have not achieved the level of greatness that some dreamed of I feel adequate. Maybe I’m just having delusions of adequacy but I’m having fun. Did I sell out? Obviously not because the big bucks have not started rollin’ in yet.
    Put on your Nikes and “Just Do It”.

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