Woman dies. Man dies. Man meets panda. Man and Panda look for woman.

Right, so now that we’ve introduced ourselves, and slandered a couple of  much loved celebrities along the way, it’s probably the right time to go into a little more detail on what our comic is actually going to be – it’s time to hit you with the synopsis.

It’s a slightly daunting prospect in many ways, a little like how I’d imagine those terrifying beauty pageant mum’s feel offering up their children/crotch-spawn to be judged by strangers. The only difference is I’m not sexualising a small child, but all analogies crumble under closer scrutiny right?

pageant alt

So anyway…the synopsis. Brace yourselves, as I fear if even Jesus read the below he’d feel so inadequate he’d probably crash his motorbike…assuming he was riding one whilst looking at his laptop, in which case you could argue it would be somewhat deserving given his flagrant disregard for road safety.

jesus crash

Prompted by the death of his fiancée Maggie, underachieving video game designer Nick is plunged into a deep depression and struggles to adjust to life as a widower. That is until his own death, mere weeks later, finds him awaking in a surreal dream-like afterlife, a world where the accepted rules of reality no longer apply.

He soon meets a talking giant-panda named Clive, whose acerbic, cynical & misanthropic nature is at odds with his adorable, Disney-eque appearance. The two become friends and Nick soon vows to search the afterlife and its baffling landscape in search of  Maggie. Clive, deciding he has nothing better do with his time, agrees to accompany Nick on his potentially futile, possibly infinite journey. Together they must battle an army of man eating dolphins, a psychotic, super powered child and a notorious former British prime-minister suffering from a profound case of cabin fever.”

Setting about writing the above left me with a bit of a quandary. Given that I’m hoping one day the readers of this blog will end up checking out our comic I was left asking myself; how much should I reveal? Do I go ahead and offer up a full overview of the plot, knowing it will spoil a few surprises, but will be the best way to impart what I think the charm of the story is – or do I play my cards close to my chest, sound all ambiguous and enigmatic and hope it’ll stir people’s interest and leave them wanting to know more?

After much deliberation, I decided to avoid giving you an out and out synopsis, which, in case you don’t know, is basically a spoiler laden version of your story condensed into around 500 words. So, having reminded myself that I view people who reveal spoilers for film, tv and comics as being slightly more evil than serial killers, I instead went with the dust jacket version, something that’ll hopefully whet your appetite and leave you intrigued and curious without giving away too many major plot points.

cinema all - vertical

Some people advise the best way to create a synopsis is to just condense the story into as fewer words as possible, strip it of everything other than the main events and leave everything else out. But that essentially leaves our synopsis consisting of “Woman dies. Man Dies. Man meets panda. Man and Panda look for woman.” Brevity has never been a strong point of mine, but I can’t help but worry that might be leaning towards being a tad too concise.

Before I go, the usual disclaimer – the pictures in this post are not by the artist of the comic (thankfully), instead they’ve been drawn by a man whose attempts to use a tablet typically render him confused, angry and emotional.


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