My Fart Will Go On

Happy Birthday! I’m assuming you’re reading this on your birthday? That’s a safe assumption though isn’t it? Otherwise it would contradict what I just said, which is a little rude of you.

Anyway so this week’s blog is another short comic strip/sketch. Somehow it seems even less high-brow than last week’s. This is why I’m choosing to view it as a harrowing portrayal of mental illness in the work place, something rich in metaphor and symbolism. It isn’t of course, but doing so makes me feel better about myself.

Click on the image to view the fullscreen version…and receive eternal life, possibly.

fart jars - complete (smaller)


7 thoughts on “My Fart Will Go On

  1. Did you draw this after a bad interview? I ask because after a bad interview I’ve draw “worst case scenario” comics remarkably similar to this.

    • I did have a summer job working in the basement of a shop, so it was inspired by that. To be honest the last panel was really just down to me realising I didn’t have punchline. Is the “worst case scenario” comic on your blog? I’d love to see it.

      • It’s not on my blog yet; I’m not sure how I want to publish my older comics since I want my blog to be a daily diary. Maybe an “archives” label? I don’t know, I’m still deciding.

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