The Sword Wielding Cricket Fan

Last night I decided to try a few different drawing tools on a whim. I  ended up being fairly pleased with the results and so decided to post them on here. I’m not really sure why I’m giving the below picture its own blog post, but then I’m also uncertain as to why I ended up drawing a sword wielding man wearing a pair of y-fronts and a cricket jumper. Life can be mysterious at times…

Cricket pants


18 thoughts on “The Sword Wielding Cricket Fan

    • mmm-hmmmm. That about sums it up, Ver-ry inter-rest-ting Mist-ter Reyn-nolds… Okay, move along people, nothing to see here…

      Alright, I’ll give ya this. He’s got a nice stance, a fine sword-holding form (indicates superior skill & certainty of focus, for sure), and a decent package, I suppose. But, my legs are hairier by a long shot! hee-hee-hee.

  1. Life can indeed be mysterious at times for the common man perhaps… but not for Grand Masters of the Symbolic Arts, such as us. I fancy myself as a bit of a sleuth, so I shall illuminate this ‘mystery’ if I may…

    Cricket is a gentleman’s game, gentlemen of a certain class and privilege. The shape of his mighty sword wielding arms perfectly mimics the symbol of Pluto ♇ But is mirrored to better resemble the figure 8, the symbol of the snake eating itself… the cycle of life and ‘Alchemy’ -which as we all know shares the VERY SAME SYMBOL AS PLUTO! (nice touch my friend) What appears to be a pair of Y-front underpants is actually a symbolic representation of the Set Square & Compasses, the emblem that is synonymous with F r e e m a s o n r y ! I put it to you – what’s missing isn’t his trousers – it’s his MASONIC APRON! …And it is in your apron where you will find your MISSING DRAWING TOOLS!!! #yourwelcome ; ) lol

  2. You’re right. Life CAN be mysterious at times. And sometimes, it can be even more mysterious than at THOSE times. And at times like ThIS,.. life can be INFINITELY mysterious, and it IS. – Definitely funny, no doubt.

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