Adventures In Adulthood

With each passing week this little introduction feels ever more redundant, but my slightly OCD nature leaves me feeling compelled to keep introducing each comic I draw. Still, you know what to expect by now; slightly amateurish drawings, ropey jokes and an insight into what a goon I am.

So, anyway, enjoy…

Adulthood - Complete


21 thoughts on “Adventures In Adulthood

  1. I, too, have been the person at the fancy dinner party who showed up in a T-shirt. Clearly it’s because we are interesting, energetic individuals bent on breaking social mores, and not at all because we don’t own dress clothes.

      • Absolutely. Thumbs up where thumbs up are due. 🙂 –

        Just one more little observation I’d like to add: That awkward moment when…

        Just kidding. — With all forms of art, I think, a piece or body of work can be appealing on multiple levels (I’m not a classically trained artist; more like a keen & enthusiastic autodidact, or something). I like to go deep inside and really consciously ponder why I feel the way I do about different things. Why I like this or don’t like that, or feel uncomfortable with something, or feel sadness, anger, anxiety, intrigue, peace, fear, disgust, confusion, hate, love, so on…. (I’ve got a bad habit of rambling on with some comments; sorry if it’s annoying. I’ll wrap it up quickly, I promise…lol). I guess my point is that I tend to really like a few things, and I like them thoroughly. I’m always looking for new stuff to add to my list of favorite things, and I love it when I find awesome new stuff.
        Now obviously, Two Twerps appeals to me on some basic level. It has done so since I first discovered it, otherwise I’d probably have forgotten about it long ago. And I wouldn’t routinely check out what’s new and get the sense of enjoyment I do. I wouldn’t look forward to new posts, and I likely wouldn’t be writing this lengthy comment right now.
        Two Twerps (the title itself, the artwork, & the humor clearly stood out from the sea of others, and at a glance I could detect a high level of skill and quality. But as with most great things, that special appeal did not initially occur to me. I felt a level of appeal that kept me coming back and hanging around, yet I was not substantially aware that it DID appeal to me. Until just a little while ago I had not pinpointed exactly why your stuff appeals to me in the specific ways it does.
        Basically, I love art (all media) that is pleasant to the senses, mentally/emotionally engaging, and original/distinct/unique (duh, right?). Your comic has all those great qualities, and everything is executed nicely. That’s still kinda on the surface though. Deeper than that is something more ‘divine’, I guess. NOW that I write all this, I realize that the surface qualities are partially significant, and the deeper divinity or spirit of the work grabs you on a subconscious level and tugs at your attention, too (possibly even more so).
        Some specifics about your comic that have really grown on me are:
        the Mark character, for one, is an amazing design. Your overall style is really great eye-candy (with every bit of drawing which includes the color, BG design, & all the other character designs). But the Mark character is so distinct — at a mare glance he’s memorable, recognizable, and identifiable. And what really blows me away is everything you do with the overall simplicity. Just having him looking to his left in panel 1 then straight ahead when he gets a chance to speak in panel 3 — when you really look at it closely (well not you, look at it closely all the time, but as an audience member), it’s really impressive to me how much expression you get from your characters. The humor is clean, humble, down-to-earth, funny, and to the point (not too wordy – ahem… moving right along…). And I’ve got to point out the girl character with the curly hair (2 o’clock position at the table). She is the reason I felt compelled to comment here again. She really caught my eye with her expressions and overall life-likeness. When I started looking at her, then all the other characters (throughout all your strips), then specifically the Mark character. I became acutely aware how much energy & life is in your drawings, including all your other characters. Once that whole realization struck me, it became perfectly clear to me why I find your comic so appealing. [See: all of the above] . .
        My point isn’t to rave & ‘kiss arse’ or anything; and I definitely don’t wanna come off as contentious or condescending == like, “Oh my, what a pretty picture, Mark. And, it’s actually kinda funny too! It’s amazing that you could manage to pull it off.” No, that’s not my intent at all. Just exploring what makes Me tick, really. Selfish, I know. But to be sure, any compliments I may have sprinkled throughout are about as sincere as can be.
        So, to make a long story short… Hopefully some others may somewhat relate to some of this somehow at some point. Or maybe exploring ideas like this can help us all better understand our art, our audience, and ourselves. Oooh… poetic. 🙂

      • Wow, I am genuinely taken aback reading that! Thanks so much for your support and encouragement. That’s easiest the best feedback I’ve ever received, although maybe I’m just saying that because it’s really positive;) I’m just about to head out for the day now, but I wanted to say a big thanks before I go. I promise I will try to keep my output relatively consistent. Thanks again, you’ve made my day!

  2. When confronted with someone of my own age, i too wonder what to talk… appears as if i am from a different planet unable to understand how to make a communication… Very aptly drawn mark!!!

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