The Importance Of Adequate Parking

This week my blog is presented in black and white, just like in the olden days, when the internet didn’t do technicolour. A time when every man was legally compelled to wear a top hat whilst bathing, people suffered from gammy legs and dicky tickers, a person could describe something as ‘wizard’, without being stabbed moments later…oh and Jesus wore a monocle, probably.

Parking Lot - Complete


11 thoughts on “The Importance Of Adequate Parking

  1. Ha! Such frustration, I know that feeling… I mean, a lot of people would want to drive to paradise. After all, what kind of paradise is it I’d you can’t drive the? and find great parking? Oooh, I like the black & white look. Crazy thing is, I’m working with color for the first time in my strip right now. kind of a gag, so…shhhhhh… don’t tell anybody.

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