Close Encounters Of A Religious Kind

Here is my latest offering, one which will probably change your life…provided your life is utterly devoid of anything even remotely interesting, otherwise it probably won’t change your life…unless you happen to have an aneurysm whilst reading it.

Arrogant Jesus - Complete


11 thoughts on “Close Encounters Of A Religious Kind

  1. Yes! I saw a sign at a Christian bookshop this weekend saying “Scripture says Jesus died for our sins”. And I just thought, what does that even mean? Does it mean that we should campaign against the death penalty – “don’t kill this man for this crime, Jesus has already died for his sins”? Or is there some other nuance of the sins = death formula that I’m missing? Do we sin because Jesus died? Is that it? And, as ever, isn’t any meaning and symbolism we attribute to his death completely negated by the fact that he came back to life and isn’t even dead?!

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  3. Bah dump tiss! That’s a great point, and one that I debated in my Christian education. “So, Jesus died for all the sins that will ever happen?” “Yes. That’s right.”

  4. Ha Ha!!! Hilarious. I am a Jehovah’s Witness & I thank you as I can now think up a good answer for this point in advance in case someone raises this question. I would’ve otherwise been caught off guard by such a rsponse

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