The Lord Of Overeating

This week’s comic is one of those entries which I initially expected to be two panels, but which then ended up ballooning in size once I started it.  I’m not sure whether it’s improved by being longer or not, but you should read it anyway.

Donut God - Complete


9 thoughts on “The Lord Of Overeating

  1. Nice! I usually prefer short, concise strips with a strong setup then [BAM!] the punchline/payoff — quick & to the point with as few words as possible (that’s how I like to approach my own comic strips anyway). I can see how this could have easily been a 2 or 3 panel strip, but I think it is highly entertaining as is.

    It seemed as though there were about 2 or 3 familiar old jokes (the ol’ “give me a sign, God…” where the protagonist either ignores or is oblivious to an obvious sign, -OR- the ol’ “I don’t need anybody’s help because God will save me…” in which the protagonist irrationally avoids any & all real world help while faithfully awaiting God’s divine intervention only to find out after foolishly perishing that all that real world help WAS God’s divine intervention.)

    But then, you just kinda threw it all into a virtual blender and mixed in a bit of diabetes, blasphemy, gluttony, and murder. “Ahhhhhhhh! He is stabbing me. He is now literally stabbing me.” <– that got me to laughing pretty good. The bloody hand prints on the window was a nice touch. And I like the fact that after all that, in the end he mans up and finishes that box of doughnuts.

    Very amusing the way it played out.

  2. I guess with computer technology you can avoid redrawing details in a scene that doesn’t change. That is what keeps me a one panel guy mostly

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