The Paris Diaries #2 – The Perfect Nose

Paris Diaries 2 (The Perfect Nose) - CompleteHere’s the second, slightly delayed, part of my ‘Paris Diaries’. This is officially the first time since starting this blog that I didn’t post on a Monday. I guess this is either a sign that I’ve had a particularly busy week or that ordinarily my life is utterly devoid of anything that might keep me away from my pc for more than ten minutes at a time.


16 thoughts on “The Paris Diaries #2 – The Perfect Nose

  1. In my experience, when a caricature artist tells you you have a ‘perfect nose’ he means perfect for him because he now knows exactly what to caricaturize (if that is a word). I remember getting my drawing and asking him why I just paid 10 euros to have a picture that reminds me of what I hate about my face. Mirror Me does that for free!

    • Haha, exactly! I do have a bit of a big nose, it doesn’t actually bother me, but I was just impressed, and a tad surprised, that he would dive straight in there and confront it. I would assume it’s a techniques that would nearly always backfire on him.

  2. I watched a documentary about people who were in love with buildings/large inanimate objects. One was in love with an amusement park ride. It was weird.

    I’m sure the caricaturist was just trying to get your money, although his sale’s pitch is baffling. “You look hideous! Let me draw you!”

    • Yeah, I guess he was doing anything he could to get money out of me. I found the whole thing really funny, but it’s a sales pitch I really can’t imagine being in anyway successful the vast majority of the time.

      Also, I saw that documentary too! I think so anyway…did the one you saw include a lady that was, somehow, having a sexual relationship with an archery bow?

  3. I have some good-sized eyebrows, which would certainly be fodder for a caricaturist.. especially a FRENCH caricaturist. It’s interesting that your nose is so prominently drawn in these comics, too, because my basic cartoon male characters have rather bold eyebrows.. and they have since I was a young teenager.

    You draw what you know, I suppose… and what haunted you in adolescence.

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