A Guide To Cinema Etiquette

Cinema Etiquette - Complete 1.5


The Ultimate Beggar

Ultimate Beggar (Complete)So after being absent for several weeks due to moving house, starting a new job and, more troublingly, become hopelessly addicted to The Last Of Us on the PS3, I have returned with another comic based on a recent event in my, mostly dull, life. I hope you enjoyed it…actually I don’t really care either way, but it sounds nicer if I pretend I do.

The Paris Diaries #2 – The Perfect Nose

Paris Diaries 2 (The Perfect Nose) - CompleteHere’s the second, slightly delayed, part of my ‘Paris Diaries’. This is officially the first time since starting this blog that I didn’t post on a Monday. I guess this is either a sign that I’ve had a particularly busy week or that ordinarily my life is utterly devoid of anything that might keep me away from my pc for more than ten minutes at a time.