The year of our lord 2013 – better known as the year the 21st century began. The pedantic amongst you might argue that it actually began thirteen years ago. To you I offer a challenge – name one thing of worth that has happened in the proceeding thirteen years? See, you can’t can you? Well, I’m assuming you’ve been unable to . I’ve certainly yet to receive any emails on the subject, but then you are reading this in my past.

Anyway, so now we’re all in agreement, let me explain why 2013 is so chuffin’ significant. Ahem, it’s the year ‘After____Life’ was first published – the greatest comic book of all time. The only comic book capable of bringing peace to the middle east, solving global poverty and toppling fascistic regimes the world over – again, it’s an assumption on my part, but one that’s yet to be proven wrong. In time society will grow to assume both the printing press and the internet were created solely to allow for easier distribution of ‘After____Life’, that one’s no assumption it’s just an obvious fact.

This blog has been created so as to offer readers a weekly, behind the scenes look at the comic’s progress – expect to see general musings from its creators, alongside random artwork and script, er, stuff. All of which is definitely not a shameless attempt at self promotion…definitely not.


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  1. Two things… First, I’m in full support of the ‘make comicry a word plan’. I’m sure there are enough scribblers of comics out there who will unite and fight for the cause.
    Second, how have I not stumbled across this blog before? It’s brilliant. I’ve been grinning like a fool reading these posts. Seriously, I can’t wait to see more.

    • Excellent! Our army grows more powerful by the day. Soon the world will be foolish to ignore our demands.

      On an unrelated, and slightly less menacing note, thanks for the thumbs up on my blog. Glad to hear you like it!

    • Thank you very much! If you were here now I’d shake your hand, provided you have hands? I hope you have hands. I’d feel a bit guilty bringing it up if you don’t. In case you don’t, sorry about the whole hand thing.

  2. Your blog has been nominated (again) for the Wonderful Team Member Readership Award by the HewToons Editorial Board!

    Visit http://hewtoons.com/awards/ ‎for more information. (Please do not make inquiries of Mr. Walker. He is quite bitter that Keith Hodgesons named on the award given to HewToons.)

  3. …dont tell this to any of the above who frequent my blog, but this is hands down the funniest comic/blog I’ve stumbled into in the wordpress blogosphere… looking forward to more…(spending the rest of the afternoon reading thru the archive…)…

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  5. Hey Mark, love your blog. I noticed you’ve been following my blog as well and would like to send you one of my comic books as a sign of appreciation. Drop me a line in the Contact section of my page if you’re interested.

  6. First, I’d like to join your army to make “comicry” a word, but I must insist on being some sort of team captain because otherwise I’ll probably be picked last and I won’t be much good in an army if my self-esteem takes a blow like that.

    Second, I’ve just started going through your blog, but I love it!

    Third, may I ask what you use to make your comics? Not that I want to steal your nicely polished look or anything, I’m asking for a friend, of course (she’s terribly amateur and could use all the help she can get).

    • Firstly, wow, I’m pretty bowled over that you like my blog – thank you very much!

      Secondly I may not be able to guarantee you the role of leader our (currently) hypothetical army, but I can ensure you will be given your very own grenade launching hover-tank (they exist, right?), partially tamed gun mounted panther for you to ride (it’s called Harold, in case you wondered) and, finally, a personalised flame thrower, which can be used to suppress people that do not recognise our greatness.

      Finally, I use photoshop to do all aspects of my blog. It’s definitely not overly polished though. However, your ‘friend’ could consider this if they want similar levels of shoddiness?

      • Your comics are quite impressive, sir! Dare I say, like a thousand times more impressive than mine. Well, maybe 1001 times.

        You’re giving me the power of fire?! Do you know what you’ve done?!

        Do you use the full version of Photoshop? I have Photoshop Essentials and I’ve, er, I mean, my friend, has been told that the full version has extra cool features, like the pen? I’ll admit, my friend is strangely baffled by how people save them into one giant PDF. What sort of magic do you use to do this? (Please keep in mind that I’m only a level 8 wizard and I lost my familiar on like, day two.)

      • Why thank you…hopefully your praise is indicative of the quality of comics, rather than some inherent madness you might be suffering from.

        I do use the full version of photoshop. I think adobe illustrator is supposed to be the better of the two, but I’m too lazy to try and learn it. I tend to make a separate file for each panel I do and then, at the end, just create one new file, the size of all of the panels combined and then paste them all into it. Once you have mastered this will be awarded level ten wizard status!

      • Laziness is my ultimate downfall. That, and the need for immediate gratification. (“I should probably work on this again tomorrow night so it doesn’t look so shitty. Nah, my readers are used to shitty. Post!”)

      • Wow, it sounds like we may actually be the same person…only you have lady parts. I am terrible with that, I tell myself my posts need to be ready for Monday and so, even if they aren’t really, I still post them.

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