Bitstrips And The Evolution Of Rage

evolution-complete (Updated)


22 thoughts on “Bitstrips And The Evolution Of Rage

  1. I loved them at first. Now it seems the only thing I see on my Newsfeed. Would rather read something original like your fine blog.

  2. I haven’t even heard of bitstrips. Yay! Sometimes it pays to be outside the loop or just simply ignorant. Unless it’s just a single panel cartoon, because I do those every now and then; in which case I’m sorry if I’ve been adding to this bitstrip plague.
    Interestingly, I didn’t find this one funny, even though I was thoroughly amused by the faux bad Friday panel. So that, along with my lack of knowledge of the topic you were making fun, I see the big picture joke overall, and I’m pretty sure you conquered your point-making goal while masterfully staying true to your usual, wit-fueled, clever fashion.
    Nicely done!

    • Thanks pal. Yep, you’re lucky to have not encountered Bitstrips. I can definitely see why this one seemed a bit ropey as a result. I tried to basically mimic the conventions of Bitstrips, which are inherently annoying and unfunny…so this post was probably a tad annoying even if you have seen Bitstrips.

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