11 thoughts on “The Paris Diaries #4 – The Glass Bedroom

  1. Boy those French are so eccentric. I think the glass bedroom is a bit of a “Hey everybody look at how pathetic my life is!!!” call for help. He probably can’t sleep properly because the phone box has no curtains.

    PS Thanks for visiting my comic Eric. Just a hint though. You need to add your website to you Intense Debate Profile Page as I had to go back through my browser history to try & find which website was yours as I’d looked at quite a few new webcomics I hadn’t visited before yesterday. When ou login with your WP.com account it automatically creates an Intense Debate profile page but doesn’t put your site in. You go to intensedebate.com then edit profile & there’s a link there to add blog/website

  2. Yo dawg, thanks for all the nice treatments you’ve been giving my page. It’s nice to know that they’re some warm and welcoming wordpress-ers about. Anyways, this shxt was funny, albeit simultaneously saddening. Throughout reading, I couldn’t help but think of the line ‘I’m in a glass case of emotion!’ from some film.

    But yeah man, I think that we should push this mutualism to new heights. By which I mean, I think it’s time we take our fledgling relationship to the next level: #FOLLOW4FOLLOW?

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