The Estonia Diaries Part Three – Apocalypse Zoo

Apocalypse Zoo - Complete


The Ultimate Beggar

Ultimate Beggar (Complete)So after being absent for several weeks due to moving house, starting a new job and, more troublingly, become hopelessly addicted to The Last Of Us on the PS3, I have returned with another comic based on a recent event in my, mostly dull, life. I hope you enjoyed it…actually I don’t really care either way, but it sounds nicer if I pretend I do.

Reddit And Me

My latest comic is inspired by my having recently started using Reddit, which is a website that probably only a fraction of people looking at this use or even have any idea of. Essentially this week’s comic takes self indulgence to an exciting new level. Still, anyone that produces a webcomic (and also uses Reddit) will hopefully relate to the below.

Reddit And Me - Complete

The Importance Of Adequate Parking

This week my blog is presented in black and white, just like in the olden days, when the internet didn’t do technicolour. A time when every man was legally compelled to wear a top hat whilst bathing, people suffered from gammy legs and dicky tickers, a person could describe something as ‘wizard’, without being stabbed moments later…oh and Jesus wore a monocle, probably.

Parking Lot - Complete

The Sword Wielding Cricket Fan

Last night I decided to try a few different drawing tools on a whim. I  ended up being fairly pleased with the results and so decided to post them on here. I’m not really sure why I’m giving the below picture its own blog post, but then I’m also uncertain as to why I ended up drawing a sword wielding man wearing a pair of y-fronts and a cricket jumper. Life can be mysterious at times…

Cricket pants