The Paris Diaries #3 – The Disco Bus

Paris Diaries 3 - Disco Bus COMPLETE

I am still somewhat confused as to how necessary the Disco Bus is in the eyes of the French population. The web address on the bus is actually correct though, so if I could speak French maybe I’d be able to find out. Curse my ignorance!



The Paris Diaries #2 – The Perfect Nose

Paris Diaries 2 (The Perfect Nose) - CompleteHere’s the second, slightly delayed, part of my ‘Paris Diaries’. This is officially the first time since starting this blog that I didn’t post on a Monday. I guess this is either a sign that I’ve had a particularly busy week or that ordinarily my life is utterly devoid of anything that might keep me away from my pc for more than ten minutes at a time.

Reddit And Me

My latest comic is inspired by my having recently started using Reddit, which is a website that probably only a fraction of people looking at this use or even have any idea of. Essentially this week’s comic takes self indulgence to an exciting new level. Still, anyone that produces a webcomic (and also uses Reddit) will hopefully relate to the below.

Reddit And Me - Complete

Pedantry and Criticism

“What, a new comic? On a Friday?”.

That’s almost certainly what you’re all saying, but don’t worry, there’s a good reason. I’m on holiday this weekend and so won’t be around to furnish you with a shiny new comic on Monday. Instead I will post two shorter comics, one before I go and one when I get back.

So here’s the first, expect the second to be uploaded on Wednesday when I’m back in blighty.

Pedantry - Complete

The Importance Of Adequate Parking

This week my blog is presented in black and white, just like in the olden days, when the internet didn’t do technicolour. A time when every man was legally compelled to wear a top hat whilst bathing, people suffered from gammy legs and dicky tickers, a person could describe something as ‘wizard’, without being stabbed moments later…oh and Jesus wore a monocle, probably.

Parking Lot - Complete